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Spurcroft Primary school

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Key Stage 1

Conifer class acting out some of the Easter story.


Our Current topic is: 2000-2009

We will be studying this topic over the whole of Summer term 1 and 2. The children will be celebrating the start of this topic with a 'Millennium party' which will take place during the school day on 17th April. 

 Some of the things we are learning about will include: The Golden Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth 11, the Thatcham floods and Euro 2000.

A copy of our Topic Web for the Summer Term can be found here.

Home Learning

Home Learning in KS1 consists of:

·         One termly project linked to the topic. The children are given a choice of projects and expected to complete at least one. This is set at the start of each term then collected in and shared during the final week of each term. Children get the opportunity to look at each other’s work and give structured feedback. Guidance and success criteria are provided to give children a starting point for their project. This term’s project tasks can be found here.

·         Children are expected to read daily to an adult or older sibling at home.  We ask that parents support this by commenting in and signing their child’s reading record whenever they have been listened to at home. Children will also bring home their phonics folders at least 2 times a week, the expectation is that they will read through some of the sounds they have learnt recently with an adult at home.

·         Maths homework is set through the MyMaths website at the start of every Maths unit and is then checked by your child’s class teacher online.

·         Spellings lists are sent home once every half term, with words highlighted that the children already know and the words that have not yet been highlighted are the words that should be practised at home.

We try our best to match tasks to children’s abilities so that they are suitably challenged and find tasks accessible. However, if you are having difficulties in supporting or challenging your child with their home learning, please speak to their class teacher. Also, if you would like to further support your child in a particular area of their learning, please speak to their class teacher who will be happy to offer further suggestions and advice.

Routines and Resources


The Year 1 timetable for the week can be found here.

The Year 2 timetable for the week can be found here.

Although minor changes take place to accommodate trips, visitors and special learning opportunities, this will give you a guide of what subjects are generally covered during the day and how the day is structured.


A termly KS1 newsletter is sent out at the start of every short term. This will give you updates on the learning for that term, as well as give any specific information regarding KS1 pupils. 

Although we still send some paper copies of letters home with children, many of our letters are now sent electronically and we also send out regular communication via text. To avoid missing out on important information, it is important that the school office has up-to-date contact details. Please also contact the school office if you need another copy of a letter.

Resources and equipment

Although PE is often taught on set days, it is important that PE kits are kept in school every day in case extra PE lessons take place, comfortable clothes are needed for another activity or children require a change of clothes. PE kits can be taken home and washed on a Friday for the following week.

On a Friday for Year 1 and a Thursday for Year 2 and Holly class Year 1s, children have Outdoor learning. They will be given all sorts of different learning opportunities outside during the afternoon. They must bring warm clothing to school for cold weather, this includes wellies, coats, hats, scarves and gloves. When the weather is warm children must bring sun hats and must have had sun cream applied at home in the morning. 


Hello and welcome to the KS1 Team. Below you can find out a little bit more about who we all are.

Conifer Class – Year 2

Miss Hardwick

Class Teacher and KS1 Team Leader

Beech Class – Year 2

 Mr Shields

Class Teacher

Holly Class – Year 1 and Year 2

 Mrs Carroll

Class Teacher

Willow Class – Year 1

 Mrs Bennett (Wed, Thurs and Fri) and Mrs Stagg (Mon and Tues)

Class Teachers

Cedar Class – Year 1

 Mrs Benoke

Class Teacher

Conifer Class – Year 2

Mrs Chandler

Class Teaching Assistant

Beech Class – Year 2

Mrs Marlow

Class Teaching Assistant

Holly Class – Year 1 and Year 2

Mrs Frewing

Class Teaching assistant

Willow Class – Year 1

 Mrs Taylor (Mornings) and Mrs Weller (Afternoons)

Class Teaching Assistants

Cedar Class – Year 1

Mrs Blyth

Class Teaching Assistant



Mrs Davey – Speech and Language Intervention Teaching Assistant

Mrs Smith - 1:1 Teaching Assistant in Year 2

Transition from Early Years - KS1


Carly Chadler is returning from her maternity leave and will be teaching with Mary Stagg in on of the Year 1 classes. Terri Madle is coming up from Early Years and will be teaching with Emma Bennett in the other Year 1 class. We are pleased to welcome back Emily Mulford, who worked at Spurcroft two years ago. She is returning from Dubai and will be traching in the mixed Year 1 and 2 class.

Nic Carroll will be the new Key Stage 1 Team Leader and will be working in a Year 2 class. Also joining the team is Katie Pritchard who is moving from Year 5.


In Year 1, in September, children will have Independent Learning time when they first come into school in the morning, followed by English and Maths. In the afternoon they will have a short Phonics session followed by Independent Learning for the rest of the afternoon. A full timetable will be published on the website at the beginning of next year.

Outdoor learning

This works in a very similar way to what the children are used to in Early Years, all the children in Year 1 will have their outdoor learning one afternoon a week. They will come into school in their school uniform and they will need to bring a change of clothes in for the afternoon, appropriate for the weather, which they will change into in the afternoon for their Outdoor Learning. 


Children will be given homework at the start of every half term that will be based on their current topic. They will be given 3 choices of home learning with an explanation of what is expected for each. They will be given a number of weeks to complete this.

Alongside that children will also have spellings lists that will go home at the start of every half term and they will be tested on 5 of these words every week by their class teacher.