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Maths Challenge


Welcome to the Spurcroft Maths Challenge! 

Watch this space for a new monthly whole school maths challenge. It may be a puzzle, problem, picture, or anything else to do with maths. Each one will be announced in all classes and will run as a competition with prizes for the winners being announced in one of our Friday assemblies. All challenges will also be displayed on this section of the website along with any helpful ideas or resources for support. 

We would love to see as many people entering as possible so please encourage your children to take part; all entries will be proudly displayed on our maths challenge board in school.

We look forward to celebrating maths!



Challenge 1- Tremendous Tesselations!

The first Maths Challenge competition is to design, draw and colour your own tessellating / repeating pattern, like the ones below. Hand them in to your teacher, or straight to Miss Philp. There will be a prize for the best pattern from each year group. Be creative; the brighter the better!


A few special papers below that might inspire some tessellating pattern ideas. Please feel free to download and use them:


Well done and thank you to everyone who entered the first maths challenge! There were some fantastic and creative entries which made it difficult for us to judge a winner. 

Have a look at all of our wonderful tessellating patterns.

The winning entries from each year group were:

Year 1: Evan H

Year 3: William A

Year 4: Lucy F

Year 5: Isma'il H

Year 6: Louella A

Well done! Here are their fantastic tessellating patterns. 


Challenge 2- Times Tables Rhymes!

This month’s maths challenge is to make up your own rap, song, poem or create a memorable way of remembering a times table. BE CREATIVE! The prize will go to the most original, funny or catchy entry. You could even get someone to film you performing your poem or rap and send it in as your entry; it doesn’t have to be written down!

The closing date for this maths challenge is Monday 9th May.
I look forward to seeing this month's entries! 

Challenge 3- Problem Solving!

The third Maths Challenge competition focuses on finding all possibilities for a problem and excellent examples of reasoning. There are two problems for each Key Stage and you can enter one or both. Present your solution creatively and clearly! The winning entries will be chosen for their presentation of the solution using high quality reasoning or systematic presentation of all possible solutions! Hint: think about a table to present your solutions or some of the reasoning stems from your classrooms to help!

You can find the problem sheets on the Maths Challenge wall outside Mapledurham hall! 

Good luck!