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Friday 25th May 2018

Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and Governors

What a busy end of term! With the SATs, summer concert, many sporting events, fantastic home learning and learning in class, there have been so many great things going on. 

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The bags will be sent out within the next week or so, so please start sorting through any unwanted clothes etc.


It was great to see so many families supporting Thatcham last weekend. It has lead to some great conversations about teamwork, following your dreams, how effort leads to success and pride in where you live or come from.

I must talk about Year 2 & Y6 SATs:  I was so impressed with all of the children during their SATs, the effort they put in and the work they produced. Staff were very good at keeping things calm and supported the pupils well. For all year groups there is still work to be done, and after the half term's holiday there will be lots more learning going on across the school, as well as events coming up like the Y4 residential to Braeside and Sports Days.

I hope you all have a lovely week, and pupils come back refreshed and ready to learn.

Mrs Kate Flowerdew

Summer Concert - look at our twitter feed for the photos! @spurcroftschool

If it’s the last Wednesday of term 5, what is it? It’s the day of the Summer Concert of course. So after months of hard work: learning, perfecting and polishing, we were ready to go. The stage looked wonderful – new stage curtains and some pretty lights. So at six o’clock, I re-did my lippy and we were off.

The first song was a rousing rendition of the Carpenter’s classic Top of the World, followed by We Want to Sing both performed faultlessly by the whole choir. Then KS1 were left to perform their song about three fish on an adventure. It sounded great and I have high hopes of both lines in the future.

This was followed by an instrumental – not one we’ve had before I think. Cora played Men of Harlech on her oboe and then followed that up with a duet with Kiera (without oboe!) singing How Far I’ll go from Moana.

Cora starred again in the next part with the recorder group who played some duets very confidently. The it was the turn of Abbie Lucy and Alice who performed their own self penned song. Wonderful work girls. Grace and Megan took the stage with the beautifully and delicately sung The Call from the one from the Narnia films. It was absolutely superb- their voices blended so well together.

Then the children from choir who sang at the Junior Music Festival took the stage with Part of Your World. This was again perfectly sung, not a note out of place and beautifully balanced dynamics.

Then the rest of the choir joined them for The First Time – a jaunty little number about resilience and the ever popular Believe. Well done the y5 line who floated those ‘ooh’s’ delicately over the top.

The second half opened with Flash Bang Wallop from Half a Sixpence – it’s hard to believe we spent 15 minutes that afternoon practising exactly where to put the stamp - and finished off this section with Drop in the Ocean.

Eva then played a super lively piece by Vivaldi on her violin followed by Abigail Knoeson who played All through the Night on her clarinet – another instrument I don’t remember featuring before . This was then followed by another piece by Abigail who was accompanied by Alice on the piano. Being an accompanist is a talent in itself so well done Alice!

Eva F was joined by Eva Clift for their wonderfully spirited song What I’ve Been Looking For with actions. What a talented pair!

Then Alice played a Russian folk song on her violin – this was truly superb.

Catherine and Lucy entertained with The Space Between – beautifully sung and the harmonies were perfect.

Chamber choir came next with I Believe I can Fly and MY Favourite Things. Both executed brilliantly with real expression.

Traditionally the year 6 line do a song on their own and this year was no exception. They chose to do Count on Me – very apt as I have always been able to count on them to do anything I have asked them to do. It was beautifully sung.

The last three songs from the complete choir were Something Inside So Strong – sung very powerfully and Bridge over Troubled Water – a beautiful rendition with those high notes really soaring high.

As always we finished with Thank you for the music with year 6 taking solo parts – I found it quite moving. I shall very much miss this particular y6 line.


A HUGE thank you for my lovely flowers and beautiful bracelet. It is so generous of you but even more generous of you were the lovely messages on the card. Thank you so much.

Mary Stagg

A message from the Pupil Leadership Team

Hello all parents,

We have seen a big difference in the snacks children are bringing in. There is much more fruit! 

Thank you for your help in our mission to keep Spurcroft Healthy.

The Pupil Leadership Team