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Tuesday 11th September 2018

Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and Governors

Welcome back! It has been such a super start to the school year with two INSET Days for staff and  Governors, followed by pupils arriving back, refreshed after their holiday and excited about their learning. 

I was very pleased with our end of year results in July. Some highlights for me were the quality of writing by our Early Years children; the Year 1 phonics scores, which continue to get better year after year; the Year 2 SATs results; and the way that the Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 pupils are building on their learning over time. In particular, their progress in writing for our Year 6s last year was very strong. We had a successful focus on reading last year and staff worked hard to increase the pace of learning in reading lessons. 

This year we will be focussing more on writing across the school and information was emailed out yesterday with information about our new spellings homework in Year 1-6. I would really like to raise the profile of correct spelling - our children are imaginative and write well, but in many year groups it is the spelling that lets them down at the end of the year.  Our Maths curriculum evenings last year were very well attended by parents and we hope that many of you will be able to attend one of the spelling information sessions that Mrs Exton is running.

Staff have asked if we can also work on developing 'kindness'.  We will be promoting the value of  thinking about the impact of actions on others, being kind in our conversations and interactions and showing good manners. Certificates handed out in Celebration Assembly this term will be for kind actions, and all classes are developing kindness displays in order to promote kind behaviour.

In staffing news, I am pleased to welcome 3 new teachers: Vicki Barrett to Y6, Claire Sutherland to Y5 and Emily Mulford has come back to us after 2 years away and is working in Year 1/2. Charlotte Littlechild and Carly Chandler have returned from their maternity leaves. Our School Business Manager Sandra Pryor is moving on to take up a new opportunity at Downe House School so we are currently recruiting to fill this role.  

Thank you for your feedback at the end of term on what you feel that the school's strengths and areas for development are. Staff reflected on these during one of our training sessions which was a very useful exercise.

Kate Flowerdew

Looking for a school place for September 2019?

If you are a prospective parent we would be very pleased to meet you! Members of the Senio Leadership Team are available to show prospective parents around the school and answer any questions you have about Spurcroft School.

To book an appointment please call Sophie Page, Admissions Officer on 10635 871541

Medical Conditions

Due to the start of the new academic year it is important that all medical information for your child is up to date.

If your child requires medication or has any medical needs please call the school office and ask to speak to Suzanne Rogers.


Many thanks to FoS who gave up some of their time in the Summer Holidays to help spruce up the EYFS playground!


We have a number of children with a nut allergy. Please make sure you do not send any nuts in your child's packed lunch.  If you need any more information, please speak to Suzanne Rogers in the Office. 



We have had feedback from a few parents that they have had some difficulties receiving or opening texts or emails. The admin team are in contact with the company who run our service and are working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. 

School Dinner Theme Days

4th October – Space Day  – This theme day will run during international space week 2018. As it is a census day, we will be using this opportunity to test some new and exciting products and asking pupils to vote on what they think.  We have often been asked by the children for a chicken nugget product on our menu and we are eager to see what their opinion is on these products.
The Menu will be Chicken Nuggets & Chips or Quorn Nuggets & Chips both served with peas and fresh carrots, with Chocolate Orange Flapjack for dessert.
16th October – 5-A-Day Challenge 
This day is designed to encourage pupils to lead a healthy lifestyle with a focus on consuming at least 5 portions of fruit or vegetables. This supports ISS’ food education ambitions and will include stickers and an activity booklet to encourage pupils to consider their diet and other lifestyle elements which they could improve.
The menu will be Penne Pasta with toppings such as Beef Bolognaise, Veggie & Butter Bean Ragu or Tomato Sauce, all served with Sweetcorn and Green Beans with a Lemon and Courgette muffin for dessert.
12th – 16th November – National School Meals Week (NSMW) – 2018 marks the 25th Anniversary of LACA’s NSMW and there will be various events going on nationwide, if you’d like more information you can visit their website here - http://thegreatschoollunch.co.uk
We will be celebrating Roast Dinner Day on Wednesday 14th November and will be asking pupils to vote on their favourite school lunch, which ties in with LACA’s Nation’s ‘Favourite School Meal Poll’. Finally, we will be creating parent flyers celebrating the attributes of school lunches as health, creativity, academic attainment, concentration and behaviour.
There will not be a menu change for this event.