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Friday 12th January 2018

Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and Governors

It's so lovely to be back - the holidays seem a long time ago now with so much learning taking place already this term! 

Entry Points for the topic have been great, and as usual, we are so pleased with the high levels of parental support with these. In Year 5/6 parents helping pupils dress up; in Y3/4 parents contributing towards the cost of the workshop; in Y1/2 parents bringing in interesting pets and talking to the children; in Early Years parents helping with the walk around the local area. 

In English pupils are starting new units of learning. You may have heard about the very shy Thatcham Ridgeback who seems to have been visiting school. I'm sure he will inspire the Y1/2s to create some great writing!

Our Big Question this term is 'Do we get wiser everyday?' I was very impressed by the wonderings that have come from the pupils so far when they've been thinking about this: 

Hopefully you can have some good conversations about this at home too! 

Kate Flowerdew

UKS2 Victorian Entry Point

"On Friday 5th January, we had our Entry Point for our new topic - Victorian Inventions. We were tour guides being trained for Prince Albert's Great Exhibition! We learned about: the Best of British Art; Machines in Motion; Wonders of the World; and the Visitor Experience. We were shown lots of different things invented during the Victorian period and had to work out what they were for and where they were from. We all dressed up for the part and we tried a Victoria sponge! It was a really fun day."

- Evie Year 5

LKS2 Ancient Egypt Entry Point

LKS2 enjoyed a fantastic start to their Ancient Egyptian topic with a day’s visit from Mr Egypt (Phillip Harris)- a real Egyptologist who is currently working with a team in Egypt who are searching for Cleopatra’s tomb! The children enjoyed a fun mummy wrapping competition and were lucky enough to handle 5000 year old artefacts - one of which cost £125,000! Prizes were awarded for excellent answers and behaviour and well done to the star pupil who earned herself a special gold pen. Mr Egypt’s enthusiasm for the subject shone through and the children are excited and inspired to learn more this term.

UKS2 Author Visit

On Tuesday 16th January, the author Peter Murray will be visiting the school and giving a talk to the UKS2 children. Year 6 children may remember him from his visit last year. It will be a great opportunity for them to find out about his background, inspiration and approaches. There will also be an opportunity for any children who are interested to purchase signed copies of his books the following day (Wednesday 17th January) - a letter with further details will come home on Tuesday.

EYFS Donations

If anyone is having a toy clear out after Christmas please think of Early Years; we would really like small world toys (figures, cars, animals etc), construction toys and games. 

Also, EYFS are looking for donations of small pans, baking trays, cooking utensils and cutlery that they can use in the outdoor play area and mud kitchen.

League Netball Match v St Finians

Spurcroft were looking to continue their winning ways but knew that this would be a tough match.

Both teams started strong with the first quarter ending 2-2. At half time after strong defence from St Finians they went ahead by 1 goal (3-4). A strong start to the 2nd half saw Spurcroft keeping possession of the ball and their movement throughout the court was strong. Spurcroft went ahead 6-5.

The final quarter was tense with both teams wanting to score goals. An excellent game with all players working for each other – superb team work. The final result was 6-6.

Connor was awarded players player from the opposition for his excellent attacking play.

Well done to the team : Catherine Jones, Connor Joyce, Alex Davey, Sophie Schofield, Jess Schofield, Emily Smyth, Isabella Oelofse and Teagan Kell.

Thank you to the parents who supported the team, cheering, scoring and timing.

Year 3/4 League Football Competition

Spurcroft travelled to Park House Secondary School to play in the first round of the league games.  We were fortunate enough to have 2 teams in the league.

As there were 7 teams across both groups all the teams played in a round robin competition.

Spurcroft “A” team won 3 matches against St Gabriels 2-0 (both goals from Jack W), v Cold Ash 1-0 (goal from Danny), v Bradfield 3-0 (2 goals Danny, 1 goal Connor) and drew 3.

The team played well with some good attacking and defending skills as well as Deegan making some good saves in goal.

Spurcroft “B” won 2, drew 1 and lost 1 match. They won against Bradfield 1-0 with a good goal from Austin and a great strike from Bailey hitting the post.  V St Gabriel’s we won 2-0 with Bailey scoring. A corner was taken by Bailey and passed to Sophia who scored.

The whole team worked together well creating opportunities for each other. Harry and Bailey when playing as GK made some excellent saves. Our defence from Jem and Joshua was solid, clearing the ball through to Ned, Austin, Bailey, Sophia and Max.

The presentations followed and all 7 teams waited to hear the results: Spurcroft “B” finished in 4th place with Spurcroft “A” finishing first and through to the finals night.

Well done to all the players: Deegan Delport, Danny Richardson, Jordan Frost, Ethan Baker, Jack Woodrow, Fletcher Mackie, Connor-Jay Rackham, Harry Chapman, Austin Davis, Max Jury, Jem Knoesen, Joshua Kester, Ned Taylor, Harry Kendrick, Sophia and Bailey Billington. Thank you to the parents who helped transport the children and supported the team. 

Accurate Archers

Spurrcoft took part in the annual archery festival, a great opportunity for the children to take part, have fun and enjoy an alternative sporting activity.  Each team participated in 7 activities all involving archery related target practises: Shoot for distance, Archery Puzzle, Archery Target throw, Archery Bullseye, Relay race, Archery numbers game and Archery Traffic Lights. Everyone enjoyed the event with some good scores coming from all the team members. The children’s best events were the Archery Puzzle Game and Shoot for distance.

The results were in and all 15 schools waited anxiously – all the children had shown respect, excellence, good encouragement and support for one another and excellent team work.

Well done to the 2 archery teams who represented the school; the Snakes: Alice Carroll, Abbie Brown, Thomas Reader, Matthew Cornwall, Edward Cain. The Swans: Abi Prouting, Abi Knoesen, Riley Day, Liam Ruff and Jimmy Way. 

Sports Dates

Monday 15th January - Yr 5/6 Girls Tony Mosson League Match at Spurcroft - 3:15pm-4:15pm

Tuesday 16th January - Yr 3/4 Friendly Football at Francis Baily - 3:15pm-4:15pm

Wednesday 17th January - Yr 5/6 HIgh 5 Netball at Theale Secondary - 1.30-3.30pm 

Wednesday 17th January - Yr 3/4 Boys Indoor Football at Trinity - 3.45-5.30pm

Tuesday 30th January - Yr 5/6 Ten Pin Bowling at MFL Newbury - 4:00pm-5:30pm

Tuesday 6th February - Yr 2 Ten Pin Bowling at MFL Newbury - 4:00pm-5:30pm

Friday 23rd February - Regional Athletics at St Barts Yr 3/4 9-12 then Yr 5/6 12:30-3:30pm. 

Saturday 17th March - Yr 5/6 Netball Tournament at Park House - 8:30am-12:30pm


May I say a huge thank you to all the children who contributed in any way to our Christmas events.

The Carol Service was as always delightful and really summed up the spirit of Christmas. The y6 readers read very well, their diction was excellent and the children in the tableau were fabulous.

The song from years 3 and 4 were equally fabulous and thanks have to go to their teachers for that.

Obviously, I am going to mention Choir and Chamber Choir, how could I not? Chamber choir’s rendition of Winter Solstice just fitted the occasion perfectly summing up the mystery surrounding the Christmas season and the full choir sung a very jolly rendition of the carol Ding Dong Merrily on High.

Then, in the evening, we followed that with the Christmas service. First may I say many thanks to the parents who bought me a beautiful poinsettia which is still going strong. It was a lovely surprise.

The main part of our concert was our brand new cantata Manger Tom which was sung really well considering we had only had about 5 weeks rehearsal time.  As usual, the choir sang extremely well, the soloists were wonderful, Chamber Choir is going from strength to strength and we have a few new members from year 4. Well done to all those involved especially the year 1 choir members because it was for most of them their first ‘proper’ concert.

The main soloists over the two events were: Christmas Service: Tate Billington, Megan Dempsie, Abigail Knoesen and Abbie Brown; Christmas concert: Eva Clift, Catherine Jones and Lucy Farmer. Well done to you all.