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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs and Disability

As a school we support children with a variety of needs. Our experienced and well qualified Inclusion Leader (Mrs Stagg)  advises school staff, facilitates whole school training and manages a team of suport staff who have collective expertise and experience of working with a variety special educational needs and disabilities.

Nationally, one in five children have at some point in their lives a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND) which is a slightly higher ratio than we curently have in school.

Children may need support because:

  1. They have a specific learning difficulty
  2. They may have a medical condition which affects their learning
  3. They may have a disability that disadvantages them.

Special Educational  Needs Register

There are several categories of SEND and children may move on and off the register. Children with a diagnosis usually stay on the register even though they may be coping well academically. The purpose of classifying children as SEN is not to label them but to ensure they get the best support they can.

There are two stages on the special educational needs register:

  1. SENS – SEN support – the child is on the SEND register and will get some specific and targeted support which is evidenced though the use of Support and Achievement Plans (SAPs)
  2. EHCP – Education, Health and Care Plan – these are for children whose needs are complex, severe and persistent.  This may provide hours of support from a dedicated TA or team.

Outside Agencies

We work with a range of specialist outside agencies including:

  • Speech and Language Therapy Team – ensures that children’s S&L needs are identified early and provision is effective.
  • Autistic Spectrum Condition  Support team - ensure children with autisim are well supported and staff have access to specialist advice and training
  • Educational Psychologist – assesses children’s needs especially those in danger of exclusion and those going through the EHC process.
  • CALT (Cognition and Learning Team) - this provides support for the Inclusion Team Leader in the area of SEND
  • LAL( Language and Literacy centre) - Language and literacy difficulties assessed and time allocated for child to visit LAL on a weekly basis. This is for children in y5 only, they are assessed in y4 and will not be considered unless there has already been intervention by the school.

More about our provision for SEND can be found on the Local Offer site: