Spurcroft Primary school

Spurcroft Primary school

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Spurcroft Classes Page

Welcome to the Classes Page. Here you will find information about staff in each phase.

For wider curriculum information, please see our Curriculum page.

Early Years Foundation Stage
Class Teacher   Key People  

Mrs Preston



Mrs Chandler


Mrs Jarvis





Mrs Davey 



Mrs Oelofse

Mrs Kew 
Elm Mrs Speakman

Mrs Beck




Nurture Group

Mrs Oelofse


Mrs Dickety



Key Stage 1
Class Year Teacher Teaching Assistant
Willow 1

Miss Hardwick


  Mrs Blyth
Cedar 1 Mrs Benoke

Mrs Taylor

Holly 1/2

Mrs Carroll



Mrs Frewing
Conifer 2

Mrs Stagg

Mrs Flowerdew

Mrs Chandler
Beech 2 Mr Shields Mrs Marlow
Key Stage 2
Class Year Teacher(s)
Maple 3 Mrs Davis  
Juniper 3

Mrs Etherington

Team Leader

Mulberry 4 Mrs Jones
Pine 4 Miss Cleveland  









Mrs Napper

Team Leader


Miss Pritchard

Hazel 6

Mrs Munday



Mrs Hase

Hawthorn 6 Miss Philp