Spurcroft Primary school

Spurcroft Primary school

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Statutory Information

Please find below, statutory information which we are required to publish as of September 1st 2012 (according to the School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 –No. 1124)

Contact Information

When contacting our school in the first instance please speak to Mrs Suzanne Rogers, School Secretary, or Miss Sophie Page, Admissions Officer and Admin Assistant on 01635 871541.
You can also email the school office on office@spurcroft.w-berks.sch.uk

Determined Admission Arrangements

This information can be found in the school's Admissions Policy and the Admissions page on this website. 

Ofsted Report

When we were inspected in September 2016, Inspectors commented positively on our strong leadership, consistent teaching, effective support and rich curriculum.

Click here to see our Ofsted reports. 

We are proud to be recognised as a 'good' school and welcome feedback from parents. We encourage all parents to visit Parent View to share their view of how well Spurcroft serves their children. 

End of Key Stage Results 2017

­The school's most recent key stage 2 results as published by the Secretary of State can be found in the School Performance Tables published on the Department for Education's website. Please click here to access this information. Please click here to see the schools latest data as at July 2017.

 End of Early Years
   % of pupils achieving a 'Good Level of Development'
 Spurcroft National 
 2014/2015 75%  66% 
 2015/2016 67%  69% 
 2016/2017 71%  69% 
Year 1 Phonics
   % of pupils who passed the Y1 phonics screen
 Spurcroft National 
 2014/2015  82%  77%
 2015/2016  79%  81%
 2016/2017  81%  81%
 Year 2 SATs Teacher Assessment
 Subject % of pupils working at or above the expected standard   % of pupils working above the expected standard
 Spurcroft National  Spurcroft  National 
 Reading 85%  76%  24% 25% 
 Writing  71% 68%  13%  16% 
 Maths 85%  75%  22%  21% 
 Reading, Writing & Maths Combined 64%  64%  11%  11% 
 Year 6 SATs Results
 Subject Working at the expected standard or above  Working above expected standard 


Average Score

(100 is met the standard)

 Spurcroft National  Spurcroft  National 
 Reading  68% 71%  18%  25%  104 
 Writing  80% 76%  18%  18%   
 Grammer, Punctuation & Spelling  75% 77%  23%  31%  105 
 Maths  70% 75%  16%  22%  103 
 Reading, Writing & Maths Combined  64% 61%  5%  9%   
Average progress in Reading  Average progress in Writing  Average progress in Maths 
-2.07   -1.29  -2.85 

The School Curriculum

For information about our exciting curriculum visit our Curriculum page. 

Behaviour Policy

The measures determined by the headteacher under section 89 of the 'Education and Inspections Act 2006' (determination by headteacher of the behaviour policy).

Please visit the policies page to view our Behaviour Principles, School Behaviour Management Policy and Anti-bullying Policy.

Pupil Premium Grant

Visit our Pupil Premium page to find out about the amount of the school's allocation from the Pupil Premium grant for this academic year with details of how it is intended that the allocation will be spent; details of how the previous academic year's allocation was spent, and the effect of this expenditure on the educational attainment of those pupils at the school in respect of whom grant funding was allocated.

Special Educational Needs & Disability Information Report

Please visit our SEND page for information, including the Local Offer.

Charging & Remissions Policy

Please click to find the Charging and Remissions policy.

School Values

Please click on 'School Values & Aims' for this information.

Sports Funding

Please click for details of our sports funding.

British Values

Please click for our British Values statement.

Equality & Accessibility Plan

Please click to view our Equality Objectives information and Accessibility Plan.