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Information on current school arrangements, including how school is organised, and what pupils should bring.

Information for the Autumn term (September 2021). 


See below for information on:
•    Current guidance 
•    School timings
•    Class organisation
•    Preventing viral transmission
•    Engaging with the NHS Test and Trace process
•    The curriculum
•    Things to bring in
•    Lunches/snacks
•    Music teachers, PE teachers and other visitors

•    COVID cases in school and Contingency Planning


Current guidance 
The current government guidance removes many of the restrictions that have been in place this year.  

The guidance states that:
As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, it is important that we all use personal judgment to manage our own risk. All of us can play our part by exercising common sense and considering the risks. No situation is risk free, so we all need to understand the factors and settings that increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission and the actions that we can all take to reduce COVID-19 infection, both for ourselves and for others.

School timings
We have returned to our normal 8:45am-3:15pm timings for pick-up and drop-off and removed the one-way system flow around the school.  

Masks will no longer be required by adults on the playground at pick-up/ drop off, or by staff in shared areas, but people can continue to wear them if they would like to. 

Class organisation
The current guidance removes the need to maintain small bubbles. Nursery and Reception classes will be mixing again, and in all other years, we will work in year group bubbles.

We will run a timetable with different breaks and lunchtimes for different year groups.  Year groups will be allowed to mix in the playground.  We will continue to run assemblies through zoom, in order to bring classes together. We are planning to introduce meeting in the hall for assemblies as the term goes on. 


Preventing viral transmission
Some existing control measures will continue and will be recorded in detail on our updated Risk Assessment. This will is available for viewing on our COVID-19 webpages 

People with symptoms
•    Pupils, staff and visitors cannot come into the school if they have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, or need to self-isolate having tested positive.
•    Anyone developing those symptoms during the school day will be sent home.

Pupils will be supported to maintain good hygiene measures including:
•    Handwashing on entering and leaving school as well as regular use of handwashing or 6% alcohol hand sanitiser throughout the day
•    Using the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ routine for coughs and sneezes
•    Cleaning continues to be of a high standard and done regularly

Face coverings
Staff, parents and visitors can wear face coverings in shared areas if they would like to. Parents coming into school for meetings will be asked to wear masks.  

Rapid Testing
Staff will continue to use Lateral Flow Device tests twice a week in order to identify adults in school who have the virus but are not showing symptoms.  If a test comes back positive, we will follow advice from West Berkshire Council and Public Health and will close bubbles when needed to reduce transmission of the virus.  Parents are encouraged to also use these tests.

Classrooms need to be well ventilated.  Pupils can bring in an extra jumper if they feel that they need to. 


Engaging with the NHS Test and Trace process
Staff members, parents and carers will need to:
•    book a test if they or their child has symptoms - the main symptoms are:
o    a high temperature
o    a new continuous cough
o    a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

•    self-isolate immediately and not come to school if:
o    they develop symptoms
o    they have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)
o    anyone in their household or support or childcare bubble develops symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)
o    they are required to do so having recently travelled from certain other countries
o    they have been advised to isolate by NHS test and trace or the PHE local health protection team
•    provide details of anyone they have been in close contact with, if they test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) or if asked by NHS Test and Trace


The curriculum
We will be following our normal curriculum which is in line with year group expectations. Staff have looked carefully at aspects of the curriculum that have not been taught due to lockdown, or not fully embedded.  Recovery/catch up support has been planned for.

We will continue to have the weekly planners and learning resources on the website so that children self-isolating can complete work at home, in order to avoid falling behind.  Pupils at home should send in at least one piece of writing per week in order to be given feedback from teachers.

When pupils have PE they can come into school dressed in their PE clothes.

Things to bring in
We would like to make as much use as we can of our school grounds, so that pupils have lots of space to move about.  All pupils should bring in a pair of wellies or old trainers and keep these in a bag on their peg. 
Children in Year 1 upwards can bring in a personal pencil case. 
Children in Year 3 upwards will need to bring in a healthy break time snack. This can be a piece of fruit, a snack labelled ‘one of your 5 a day’ or a more filling low fat snack, such as a sugar free cereal bar.  


•    Children in Early Years will be given milk and fruit by school.
•    A break time fruit snack will be offered to children in Year 1 & 2.
•    The kitchen will be open as normal providing high quality meals.
•    Children in Nursery and Reception will eat lunch at 11:45am
•    Years 1 & 2 will eat at 12:00pm
•    Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 will eat at 12:30pm.


Music teachers, PE teachers and other visitors
The guidance allows for visits from professionals such as supply teachers, music teachers, sports coaches, speech therapists, social workers and psychologists. We support these visitors to follow our risk assessment and control measures. 


COVID cases in school  and Contingency Planning

We are no longer required to close a class if a positive case occurs.  We will inform parents of a case in their child’s class but the Governments expects pupils to continue to attend school. 

However, if a group of pupils, students or staff, who are likely to have mixed closely, test positive for COVID-19 within a 10-day period, we need to seek advice from Public Health on how to manage an outbreak in school. Further measures would then be put in place which would include enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures.  


Further measures can be put into place if the Health Protect Team consider them necessary. These could include: 
•    Increasing the use of face coverings by adults for a short period of time 
•    Limiting visits to site and visits off site
•    Increased use of testing within the school or across the local area 
•    Short term attendance restrictions (used as a last resort) 
•    Shielding may be reintroduced by the Government in case of a major outbreak


These plans are described in greater detail on our Contingency Plan which can be found on the COVID-19 pages of the school website.  


Further information can be found in these Government documents: 
Actions for schools during the coronavirus outbreak - GOV.UK
Coronavirus: how to stay safe and help prevent the spread – GOV.UK
Information for parents and carers – GOV.UK