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At Spurcroft, we believe that phonics is the key to early reading and writing. We aspire for all our children to become happy, fluent readers and to become skilled, competent writers.


We use a highly structured programme called 'Phonics International' to deliver phonics across Early Years and Key Stage One. Children are taught phonics as daily, discrete lessons, allowing them to learn sounds and the strategies to decode words for reading and writing.

To embed the phonic skills taught in phonic lessons, children are encouraged to apply these skills within other areas of the curriculum. 


Early Years children are encouraged to practise their writing skills during their independent play opportunities. Writing resources are available in all areas of the Early Unit to encourage children to write things such as; lists, letters, notes and messages as part of their play. Adults will support children to apply their phonic skills and model how to decode words. 


Children in Early Years and Key Stage One are encouraged to apply their phonic skills to their writing lessons, enabling children to write independently and to share their ideas. 

Year Group Phonics planner

In order to make sure that children cover all sounds and make good progress in phonics, we use a plan that lays out the sounds that each year group will focus on and terms that they cover these. This plan can help parents to support phonics teaching at home and help to revise previous sounds  that have been covered. 

F2 Sound Mat

Online Phonic Games to support phonics skills at home

Phonics Forum PowerPoint - 6.11.20