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Speaking and Listening

Our Vision for Oracy 

At Spurcroft, we want our all children to feel confident in their ability to speak up and express themselves. We recognise that teaching Oracy skills supports them on an individual basis and will increase their chances of making a positive contribution to society.


Definition: Oracy is about being able to express yourself well. It's about having the vocabulary to say what you want to say and the ability to structure your thoughts so that they make sense to others.


Aim: We aim to help our children become employable and communication skills are now rated higher, by many employers, than qualifications. As well as giving our children better socio-economic chances, we recognise that the explicit teaching of Oracy,  boosts social, emotional and interpersonal skills including self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem, resilience and empathy.  We want our children to believe in themselves and have the confidence to speak up and be able to present their thoughts in a range of contexts, including a public forum. We believe that better Oracy skills will greatly contribute to our children's sense of happiness and well-being.


A recent study found that on average pupils contributed just four words per lesson, while another revealed that children with good communication skills are four times more likely to get five higher level GCSEs.