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Upper Key Stage 2



This is where you will be able to find lots of useful information about our UKS2 classes at Spurcroft Primary School. 



Learning in UKS2

Throughout the Spring term (terms 3 and 4) UKS2 are focussing on the subjects and topics outlined below. The termly homework projects are linked to these topics and can be found under the 'Parents' tab and then click on the 'Remote Learning' tab and either Year 5 or Year 6  to download a copy. The link is also here  A paper copy has also been stuck in children's homework books along with their termly spellings list. 


Curriculum - Spring 1 2022



How is climate change affecting the world?




Web page creation


Dreams and Goals


Year 6 – Christianity 'Is anything ever eternal?'

Year 5 - Sikhism 'Are Sikh stories important today?'

M.F.L – French

Year 6 - As Tu Un Animals (Do you have a pet?)

Year 5 - Quelle est las date Aujourd ‘hui? (What is the date?) 


Sports Extra (Hockey) and Dance.


Textiles, sewing and stitching




Curriculum - Spring 2 2022



Local Study 'The Battle of Britain'




CAD (Computer Aided Design)


Healthy Me


Year 6 – Easter: Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on Earth?

M.F.L – French

Year 6 - As Tu Un Animals (Do you have a pet?)

Year 5 - Quelle est las date Aujourd ‘hui? (What is the date?) 


Sports Extra (Hockey) and Dance.




Music Appreciation

Our Upper Key Stage Two Classes:




Learning Support Assistants




Miss O’Neill (Mon-Weds)

Mrs Griffiths (Thurs-Fri)

Mrs Heather

Mrs Rankin

Mrs Millar

Mrs Burgess



Mrs Jones

Mrs Morgan

Mrs King

Miss Hedges

Mrs Wotherspoon

Mrs Wotherspoon Mrs Thurley



Mrs Osmond

Mrs Ballard

Miss Bunyan

Mrs Smith

Mrs Mason

Mrs Dickety



Mrs Duke

(UKS2 Team Leader)

Mrs Harding

Mrs Davey

Mrs Hughes


Covid 19 Measures

We follow all cleanliness and hygiene routines like applying hand sanitiser every time we enter and exit the classroom, at many different points throughout the day. We clean down tables and bathrooms at several points also. The children are in class and year group bubbles. Playtime and lunchtimes are staggered so everyone has their own allocated time and space. We have Co2 monitors in each classroom to check ventilation levels are adequate. Windows are open to allow the flow of air and much and thought and effort is put into thinking about activities and tasks that are suitable and Covid19 friendly. 


Snack reminder

Our mornings in Year 5 and 6 are long as lunch starts at 12.30pm, therefore can we ask you to send a snack or piece of fruit in for morning break please? This ensures the children’s stomachs aren’t rumbling by lunchtime.

Many thanks in advance.


PE Kit Uniform

Year 5 and 6 have PE lessons each Tuesday and Friday therefore need to arrive in school in the correct kit on these days, thank you. 


  • Boys - white PE t-shirt, shorts (blue or black), tracksuit (blue or black) and trainers.
  • Girls - white PE t-shirt, shorts (blue or black), tracksuit (blue or black) if wanted leggings (blue or black) and trainers.
  • School Jumper to be worn on day of PE.


REMEMBER – No Jewellery to be worn and hair tied back please.


Trips & Dates


  • Public holiday – Monday 3rd January 2022.
  • Inset day – Tuesday 4th January 2022.
  • First day of term 3 – Wednesday 5th January 2022.
  • Homework projects due - Wednesday 9th February 2022. 
  • Last day of term 3 - Friday 18th February 2022. 
  • First day of term 4 - Monday 28th February 2022.
  • Last day of term 4 - Thursday 7th April 2022. 
  • Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th June 2022 – Year 6 – Pioneer Centre Residential.

Home Learning


Homework projects are due Wednesday 9th February – please encourage your child to start as soon as possible. Home Learning in UKS2 consists of:


  • A letter has be sent home outlining weekly homework expectations in Year 5 and 6 as well as our termly project details; it is stuck inside their homework books.
  • There are two termly projects linked to the topic of ‘The Environment’. The children are given a choice of projects.
  • A weekly Maths task, set and completed online through the ‘MyMaths’ website. This is set on a Monday and checked the following Monday. Logins are stuck in the back of their homework books.
  • Children are expected to read daily at home. Confident readers may choose to read to themselves and we are encouraging a ‘love of reading’ and ‘reading for pleasure’ and in order to achieve this we want the children enjoying what they read. In Year 5 and 6 they will not be needing a reading record as we are keeping a record in school of the books they read.
  • They will need support in learning the words on the Year 5/6 spelling list and practise these weekly using ‘Spelling Shed’ and the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ method.  
  • Further details on all of these tasks can be found in your child’s Home Learning book.

If you have any particular concerns or would like to further support your child in a particular area of their learning, please speak to their class teacher who will be happy to offer further suggestions and advice.


Top Tip #1- Be realistic about what you can do.

Top Tip #2- Keep to some kind of timetable wherever possible but be flexible.

Top Tip #3- Make time for exercise and breaks throughout the day.

Top Tip #4- Have fun together as a family!



Previously, throughout the year children often bought in sweets to celebrate their birthdays with peers. As we are unable to encourage this can we suggest that children celebrate their birthday in a slightly different way? Instead of sending in a sweet treat it would not only be cheaper but easier to purchase a book to send in and share with the class. This would be donated to the school and we will add a book template outlining the donation and take a photo to add to our school Twitter page. This book would be added to the class library and promotes reading in a really positive way. There is no obligation to do this but we would like you to think about it as an alternative instead of sweets and if you are able to support the class library with this gesture – we would very much appreciate it!


If your child is away from school due to displaying any COVID-19 symptoms or for self-isolation reasons please find all the learning your child will need to access on the Distance Learning Page here.




If you need to communicate with your child’s class teacher whether it be to ask a question or to provide permission for your child to walk home independently, then please use either of these email addresses:

Year 5    

Year 6    

We aim to respond within 48-72 hours of receiving them.

Year 6 SATs Parents Information Evening