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Spurcroft Primary School and Nursery

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Art at Spurcroft

Our vision for Art

At Spurcroft, we offer an Art curriculum that inspires confident learners, children with self-belief in their skills and ability. They are able to form their own views and opinions and they are given the opportunity to work independently as well as being taught the importance of teamwork and collaboration with others.

Children will demonstrate pro-social behaviour and have respect for people and property after explicit teaching.

We promote responsible learners and develop the whole child through our interesting and engaging curriculum. Children will have a broad general knowledge and will be given the opportunity to express themselves creatively, by being adaptive and flexible in their approach to challenge and to be able to reflect on their mistakes.

We actively engage in local activities, eg. The Newbury Show, Thatcham schools cluster completion and through these we make meaningful connections with others in our community.

Children’s learning progresses throughout school and builds on the learning from previous years. We are continuously providing an inspiring curriculum in Art and an interesting learning environment.

Progression in Art