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Photographing School Events

At Spurcroft we recognise that: 


Sharing photographs and films of our activities can help us celebrate the successes and achievements of our children and young people, provide a record of our activities and raise awareness of our organisation.


• the welfare of the children and young people taking part in our activities is paramount 

• children, their parents and carers have a right to decide whether their images are taken and how these may be used, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation 

• consent to take images of children is only meaningful when children, their parents and carers understand how the images will be used and stored, and are fully aware of the potential risks associated with the use and distribution of these images 

• there are potential risks associated with sharing images of children online.


We are often asked whether parents can take photographs or make film recordings of plays, class worship and other school events.


At Spurcroft we believe that families taking pictures of their own children, for personal use,  is an important part of family life.  


Normally, at the start of an event guests will be advised if and when they may take photographs. This is often at the end of the performance so that the children and other guests are not distracted.


To comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, parents attending events involving school children must only take photographs of their own children for their own personal use. These photographs may be shared only with family and friends, they must never be offered for commercial sale and should  be shared via social networking sites only if they contain an image of solely your child and not others, unless you have express permission from the parents/carers of the other children who appear in your photograph.


The Information Commissioner’s Office has published guidance on taking and using photographs of children in school and at school events.

Details can be found in the published guidance:

At Spurcroft all parents are asked to complete a form giving permission for photographs of their child to be used by the school and for what purpose (i.e. display, prospectus, advertising material, publication in the school’s newsletter,  on the school’s website, video or in the local or national press). This is not reissued for every event. Parents can change the level of their permission at any time by contacting the school office.