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The role of the governing board

The governing board has three key areas of responsibility:


1. Setting the strategic direction

The governing board is the key strategic decision making body in every school. Along with the headteacher, it is the job of a governing board to set the schools vision, mission and values. They hold the leadership team to account for the delivery of objectives by monitoring plans and performance. The governing board also sets policies, formulate plans and agree targets to help the school achieve these objectives, as well as regularly reviewing their strategic framework in light of that progress.


2. Creating robust accountability

The governing board is there to support and challenge the schools' senior leadership team. They play a crucial role in holding the headteacher to account for securing the best possible outcomes for pupils. By challenging decisions and asking questions about the schools performance data, governors will help to raise the standard of education whilst maintaining a safe and secure environment. 


3. Ensuring financial probity

Our governing board also has a strategic role in the financial management of the school. Their key responsibilities include, setting financial priorities through the school development plan, the financial plan and annual budget. They also decide on how the schools budget should be spent in accordance with the school improvement plan and curriculum requirements.


Types of governor

There are different types of governors who all serve for four year terms.


Parent governors

Parents, including carers, of registered pupils at the school are eligible to stand for election as parent governors and are elected by other parents at the school.


Local authority governors

Local authority governors are nominated by West Berkshire Council and appointed by the Governing Board. Authority Governors, once appointed, fulfil their duties as any other governor would do.


Staff governors

Both teaching and support staff paid to work at the school are eligible to stand for election as a staff governor.


Co-opted governors

Co-opted governors are appointed by the Governing Board. Co-opted governors are people who in the opinion of the Governing board have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.

Governing Board Documents