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Remote Learning Resources

Remote Learning activities and resources are available here under each year group page for a school closure day or partial school closure.


Spurcroft Primary School is partially closed on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th March 2023. Please use the remote learning resources below should you wish for your child to pariticate in learning at home on these days.


All children will cover the necessary areas of learning from the curriculum throughout the week and attendance, or not, at school on this day does not affect your child's attendacne record. 


These are general pieces of revision work for each year group, there will be no missed learning that pupils would need to catch up on. 


These peices of learning are optional but do provide an opportunity to practise skills already taught in school and consolidate learning.


The lessons taught in any open classes on a partial school closure day are also revision-style lessons, so no lessons will have been missed by the other class if only one class is in per year group.

Here you can find the learning resources suitable for your child to work on at home if they are self-isolating. The learning for each year group is directly linked to what the children are learning in school so that your child does not miss key lessons or learning. 

Please click on your child's year group to access the appropriate resources. 

If you have any questions, please use the year group email address on the bottom of your child's year group page to contact the Year group Team Leader.