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History at Spurcroft

Our intent for History

At Spurcroft Primary School we deliver a knowledge-led and vocabulary-rich history curriculum, We aspire for our children to be responsible learners by being curious about the past and understand how it shapes our future. We are committed to providing opportunities for them to develop a deep understanding of, and make links between, time periods. Exploring local history and British history helps our pupils to understand their place in our community and country, while making links to worldwide history enables them to recognise their position in the wider world.

Through our curriculum design and implementation, our children are taught to understand concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity and difference, and significance and use them to critically analyse source materials, identify trends and themes, make connections and draw contrasts as well as to pose historically valid questions. Our children are also given real-life experiences, enabling them to deepen their knowledge and communicate their ideas and opinions confidently and accurately.

Experiencing History