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Welcome from our pupils

One of our favourite things about Spurcroft is that we express our school values in school. We are kind to each other and have lots of creative and practical activities which help us remember our learning. 


Over our time in Spurcroft we have learnt about the world through many different lessons.  We enjoyed learning about the Egyptians. When an archaeologist - Mr Egypt - visited, he shared his experiences of Ancient Egypt and we can still remember his powerpoint and the objects he brought in. 


When we learnt about electricity in science we were given the resources to make a circuit to power a lightbulb and we experimented with these to make different circuits.  We did this in Year 3 and Year 5. In Year 5 we built on our knowledge and made more complicated circuits. 


In computing over the years we have learnt to type, code and use IT purposefully for research and communication. We have online safety lessons every year in September and we feel safe online and know what to do if we feel unsafe. 


A great thing about Spurcroft is that we go outside for some lessons. It helps us to feel refreshed and these lessons are fun. 


At break times we have many fun things outdoors like our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Area (STEM Area) which is a great place to read or use some science resources. We have new huts which can have 6 pupils in at a time and are a nice place to relax. We also have an adventure playground which was funded by our Friends of Spurcroft parents and is a fun way to play with your friends and practice tricks.


Over our time at Spurcroft we have been on many trips. We have been to the canal and St Marys Church, the River and Rowing Museum, the Cotswold Wildlife Park and other places.  We have really good memories of visiting a Sikh temple, called a Gurdwara. We had to wear scarves over our head and take off our shoes.  The people at the temple gave us food and we watched a religious ceremony. 


Pupils in Year 4 and Year 6 go on residential trips.  You get to do lots of fun activities indoors and outdoors including zip wires, building rafts and obstacle courses. These help to develop or team work skills.


We have grown as people and learnt about ourselves over our time at Spurcroft. We had the opportunity to learn trumpets in Year 3 and some people still have instrument lessons in school.  In PSHE lessons we have time to develop and share our thoughts and feelings and we love it when we have class debates.  We have developed our physical skills through our PE lessons. We have a wide a range of lunchtime and after school clubs such as choir, athletics, gym, netball, science, roller skating, football, dance etc.


We have the opportunity to have leadership roles at school. You can be in School Council, the Pupil Leadership Team, or you might be a Science Ambassador or Health and Wellbeing Ambassador. It's good because it sets an example and shows our value of responsibility.


Staff at Spurcroft are kind, caring and knowledgeable and they respect our thoughts and feelings. If you need someone to talk to, the staff are happy to listen and then help.


We have enjoyed our time at Spurcroft. Some people are a bit nervous about our move to secondary school but we feel that the teachers have taught us well enough so that we are ready for our next step.