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Languages at Spurcroft

Our vision for French

At Spurcroft Primary School, we aspire for our children to be confident learners and have self-belief in their skills and ability to speak and write in French. Children show respect for other cultures and languages. Developing a love of learning is a key priority and children learn French in a variety of ways. This also means that all types of learners are considered. We understand the importance of linking to the local secondary schools and have visits from secondary French Teachers.

How French is taught at Spurcroft

French is taught as part of PPA provision from years 1-6. 

- In KS1 the children learn greetings, numbers and colours. They are able to begin to have short conversations and play games to develop their love of learning a new language. 

- In LKS2 the children build on their learning of greetings and numbers from year 1 and 2. Children are able to have more in-depth conversations as they learn how to ask questions in French. 

- In UKS2 the children consolidate what they have learnt in year 3 and 4 building upon their knowledge of numbers and greetings. They learn the days of the week and months of the year. Children are able to label body part of a person in French too! In the final term in UKS2, they look at being able to express their likes and dislikes, what they might find when they go shopping and a continued focus on speaking and listening.

Progression in French