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School Values

Our six school values are at the core of everything we do. Our school values are: Kindness, Teamwork, Responsibility, Creative Thinking, Ambition and Self-belief. 


These values underpin our teaching and learning and provide an environment which prepares our pupils to become confident learners.


We aim for our children to have self-belief in their skills, learn the skills to work effectively as part of a team and take on responsibilities as they grow into young people. We aspire for our children to be ambitious in setting personal targets. We aim to nurture our children to be considerate and caring members of our local community in showing kindness towards others. 



This year we launched our new school value logos. All of the children from our school received a values 'Goody Bag' to celebrate on our special day. 


Our Launch Day was attended by Madam Mayor of Thatcham and many of our school Governors. Every child from across our school was involved. We even featured in the Newbury Weekly News! 

Our New Values launched on Monday 29th April 2019

Here are some highlights from our Values Launch Day in April 2019. We have continued to embed and celebrate our values in school.


Every Friday we focus on how pupils have applied the school values in their learning this week, and celebrate these achievements.