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Spurcroft Primary School and Nursery

The future begins here...

Our Vision

Our Mission Statement


Spurcroft Primary School and Nursery is an inclusive school, committed to ensuring all pupils have the knowledge and skills they need to be prepared for their future. 


We focus on high standards of teaching for all, an ambitious knowledge-based curriculum, and developing a thriving relationship with the community. 


At Spurcroft, we are building the knowledge and teaching the values that our young people will need to take them forward into our diverse world.


Our Vision

Dedicated to developing all children to be ready for their future, in collaboration with families and the community.


In short: The future begins here...

Personal development
At Spurcroft Primary School we aspire for all of the children in our care to learn well, and have self-belief in their knowledge and skills so that they are to reach their goals. Throughout our school we encourage pupils to form their own views and share their opinions. We strive to give opportunities for them to work independently as well as learn the importance of teamwork and collaboration with others. 

Staff at Spurcroft believe that our children will thrive in an environment where clear behavioural policies, which are understood by the children, parents and staff, are fairly and consistently applied. Kindness to each other and respect for people and property is expected and explicitly taught. Pupils are given personalised feedback on their behaviour and are supported to learn to be pro-social. We follow a ‘Therapeutic Thinking’ approach, as promoted by West Berkshire Local Authority. 

We have recognised the importance of mental health and emotional wellbeing, as well as physical health, to our pupils and staff. We give staff support and training to recognise and support those pupils who are struggling with their mental health and support from specialists is sought when needed.

Educational focus
Supporting all pupils to learn is our key priority at Spurcroft. We are an inclusive school and want all children to learn the full content of the National Curriculum, be curious and ask questions. All children are encouraged to be responsible learners who work hard to learn more and remember more. 

We are committed to developing the ‘whole child’ and teaching them the knowledge and skills they need, through our ambitious curriculum. The critical subjects of communication, reading, writing, maths, science, PE and Computing have a high priority, and we support all pupils to achieve, succeed and be well prepared for the next stage of their educational journey. Alongside this, teaching in music, art, technology and the humanities ensure that children develop a broad general knowledge and opportunities to express themselves creatively. 

We know that all pupils need to be prepared for the challenges of entering the 21st Century workforce. Opportunities to develop good communication skills, creative thinking and the ability to analyse and interpret a wide range of information are woven through our knowledge based curriculum. Children are encouraged to be adaptive and flexible in their approach to challenges, to reflect on their learning and learn through practice and hard work. 

Community engagement
Pupils at Spurcroft learn that they are part of a local, national and global community and explore the responsibilities that this brings. We actively engage in local activities, expanding the life of the school into the surrounding area. Our focus on British Values allows children to develop an understanding of their role in the country and its democratic processes, as well as the importance of living in a diverse society, respecting other views and customs. 

Across the school, we have a growing focus on children embarking on projects linking to understanding the environment, and the impact they can have on global issues.  We continue to look for new opportunities for pupils to make meaningful connections with others in our community and in the wider world. 

Communication about our school is very important to us and our open approach encourages engagement with the school. We strive to provide children, parents, staff and our local community with on-going and current information about the school through a variety of media.

School Development
We are ambitious for all pupils’ learning and strive to ensure all children make strong progress throughout their school life. Setting clear targets and developing transparent plans improves our school and outcomes for children. Our development plans align closely to our school’s vision and strategy.  

Our highly engaged and informed Governing Board monitor the work of the school and measure progress towards set goals. Governors work closely with the leadership team to ensure that statutory obligations are met, the financial health of the school is maintained and that the provision we offer continues to develop. 

We work closely to engage all staff in our school development plans and provide professional development opportunities enabling them to contribute to and flourish within the school. Staff collaborate to ensure we are continuously providing an inspiring curriculum and learning environment.

At the heart of Spurcroft is a desire and drive to offer all of the children of our community the best educational experience possible.