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Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to the new Early Years Foundation Stage page. This is where you will be able to find lots of useful information about our EYFS at Spurcroft Primary School.


Mrs Rhian Davey, Early Years Foundation Stage Team Leader

Routines and Organisation

F1 (Nursery) children attend either morning or afternoon sessions or full time sessions. Throughout their time in Nursery, practitioners support children's develop of communication and language and personal and social skills as well as promoting early phonics, fine motor skills and early maths skills.


F2 (Reception) children participate in daily Topic lessons, which focus on speaking and listening skills , cooperation, concentration and early writing development and daily maths lessons, which promote early counting, number recognition, an understanding of the number system as well as addition and subtraction. Each day there is also phonics and reading sessions, that allow children to hear, identify and use sounds to read and write words and simple sentences. 


F1 and F2 have opportunities throughout the day to learn key skills through child-initiated play, within their own learning spaces. Children have Independent Learning for one hour in the morning and in the afternoon. This essential time supports children to develop their own ideas and to be in control of their learning. It enables them to learn through first-hand experiences, allowing them to choose how to use the resources to do so.


Additionally, the children have an opportunity to learn through the outdoor environment in our extensive outdoor learning areas, encouraging them to learn in different ways and on different scales, have first-have experience with the natural world and to become physically active.

Our Early Years Classes:

F1 (Nursery) F2 (Reception)


Oak Class

Class Teacher- Mrs Rhian Davey

Key Workers- Mrs Emma Pearce

and Miss Sheppard              






Ash Class: 

Class Teacher- Miss Katherine Stewart

Key Workers- Mrs Jarvis                               

Elm Class:

Class Teacher- Mrs Michelle Benoke

Key Worker- Mrs Jenni Andrews and Mrs Louise Argyle 



Our current Topic

In the Early Years teaching and learning is taught through topics that are based on the children’s interests. Children learn through a range of play-based opportunities as well as adult led and independent tasks. The EYFS curriculum promotes independence, communication, self-confidence, determination and the ability to think critically and share children’s thoughts and ideas. The children have independent access to a stimulating environment both indoors and outdoors on a daily basis.


This term we are learning about ‘Myself and My Family’.


Below is our current Topic Maps, which shows our focus learning for this term



Home-School Learning

In the Early Years, we set home learning tasks to support the children in consolidating the learning that we have done at school during the week and to enable parents to be part of their child’s learning journey


Home school learning in EYFS consists of:


Home School Reading Books – Children are given a home school reading book each week and are expected to share this with an adult at home on a daily basis for at least 5 minutes. We use structured, levelled sets of books that grow gradually more challenging over time and aim to develop phonic and comprehension skills. Children should read this book several times at home over the week in order to gain fluency and confidence, and spend time talking about what is happening in the books.


Common ‘Look and Say’ Words – To support children’s reading development, children are issued sets of flash cards to learn at home. These words are common in reading and when recognised, help the children to read with more fluency.


Tapestry Tuesday – As part of developing children’s speaking and listening skills and their confidence, we set practical, skill based weekly tasks for the children to complete at home. We ask parents to upload the children completing these tasks on our online Tapestry Journal so that we can share these with the class. Every Tuesday we will look at what the children have done and enable some children to talk to the class about this.

Parent Forums


If your child is away from school due to displaying any COVID-19 symptoms or for self-isolation reasons please find all the learning your child will need to access on the Distance Learning Page here.